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Often a company will state its mission and a core set of values.  But without context, those words can seem like nothing more than lofty ideals.

AT-Tech's Vision, Mission and Values reflect where we are today as a company: the history, hard work and lessons learned that brought us here, what our goals are going forward – who we hope to become, and what we hope to represent as a corporation.

To us, a vision represents our philosophy and aspirations. At AT-Tech our vision is:

To create new opportunities for people and business to work better together.

A mission is the statement of purpose, how the company achieves its vision and why that company does what it does within its competitive marketplace. AT-Tech's mission statement is:

To match the needs of our candidates and clients through quality service and innovative technology. One by one by one.

Values reflect how a company conducts itself, its manner, character, how it relates to its clients – in AT-Tech's case, both the candidates we place and the companies in which we place them. AT-Tech's values are:

Keeping the humanity in human resources by living our vision ethically.

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